Breaking The Radio Silence

Get Clear. Get Into Grad School. Get On With Your Life.

by Dr. Khia on April 15, 2017

Ahem. Guess who’s back?

Things have been quiet around here for awhile. I took a hiatus – a pretty long one. As life would happen, around the same time that I started this website, I was making major moves and transitions off-line as well.

I started a position as a college professor. I jumped feet-first into a whirlwind of course development, lecture preparation, paper grading, office hours, and committee work. Summers were optional, they said. Um, let me tell you, not when you’ve got student loans!

As the new kid on the block, er, department, I made myself indispensable. I workshopped and conferenced my way to professional development glory. I went above and beyond to earn the coveted award of tenure at the college. And tenure, I did earn.

I’ve taught dozens of courses and literally thousands of students. I’ve gained experience in traditional and online classes. I’ve earned glowing teaching reviews. (Ahem, check my track record. Or maybe you already have).

In my spare time, Inner Evil Kermit propelled to me binge-watch entire Netflix series, but I shut him up when he said that my hiatus was so long that I needn’t bother coming back.

Leveling Up

I’m sorry to inform Inner Evil Kermit, but I have even more to offer grad school seekers today. I’ve taught and advised thousands more students. I’ve personally seen several off to grad school and prosper. I’ve leveled up in my career, and I’m leveraging that expertise to bring even more insight and excellence to this corner of the Web.

Earlier this year, I also elected to go back to school (yes, you read that right) and pursue professional certification in admissions consulting. I’m knee deep in readings and homework assignments with the goal of giving clients an even more valuable experience.

I’m also working diligently behind the scenes to retool this website and services that I offer (coming soon). I have so much in store for the future of Your Grad School Coach and cannot wait to share it with you!

I have availability to see coaching clients on a limited basis until the grand relaunch later this year. If you’d like to inquire about services, or reach out with a question, you can do so on my brand-new contact page.


Traditional vs. Online Graduate Programs – Pros and Cons

Get Clear. Get Into Grad School. Get On With Your Life.

by Dr. Khia on May 14, 2013

There are a myriad of choices to be made once you’ve finally committed to continuing your higher education. Now that you’ve decided “I will,” where should you go? Is a traditional or online grad program the best one for you?

pros cons online grad school [click to continue…]


How Hard Is It To Get Into Graduate School?

Get Clear. Get Into Grad School. Get On With Your Life.

by Dr. Khia on March 13, 2013

Just a few days ago, I posed a question to the Your Grad School Coach Facebook page (if you’re not connected, you can do so here):

grad school quesitons

“If you had ONE question about graduate school, what would it be?”

Shout out to YGSC fan Brooke for posing the following question: “Is it really that hard to get into grad school? Should I be as worried as I am? I worried a lot for undergrad and it wasn’t even that big of a deal.”

Wouldn’t it be some kind of crazy to get all worked up about getting accepted to graduate school – only to find out that you were making a big deal out of nothing? Just how hard is it to get into grad school? [click to continue…]


Do I Really Want A Ph.D.?

Get Clear. Get Into Grad School. Get On With Your Life.

by Dr. Khia on March 7, 2013

do i really want a phd

This may come as a surprise, but my professional advice to many has been: “You SAY you want a Ph.D., but you REALLY DON’T.”

Nine times out of ten, my advice has absolutely nothing to do with their aptitude, qualifications, or level of motivation. [click to continue…]


I Have a Confession to Make…. I’m a Procrastinator

Get Clear. Get Into Grad School. Get On With Your Life.

by Dr. Khia on February 6, 2013

Eeeeek! How’s that for a scary admission of guilt?grad school procrastination

Oh…. you don’t say? You have the same problem?

Procrastination Defined

Procrastination is the art of replacing high-priority tasks with frequently more enjoyable low-priority tasks. You put the high priority task off until later… and later…. and later….

Then the dreaded procrastination guilt cycle kicks in. And you push the guilt aside and promise to get back to the “I should have done it already” task to an even later undisclosed time and date. [click to continue…]